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Stop spending time paying👎

Start enjoying life👍

"Zero" fees or expense analytics in digital payments are a must today🤷‍♂️

We are developing the Cashby app that will give you freedom🕊

You will be able to pay for anything using just one app📱


Need to remember login/password❌

Need to copy credentials from external apps❌

Need to re-write credit card details❌
Unfair exchange rate and banking fees❌

Re-writing long account number❌

Switching between apps to pay❌

Fumbling for credit cards in the bottom of your purse❌

All you need to remember is your phone number☎️

All you need to have is the Cashby app🔶 and a contact list📒

It is convenience without compromise💡


Pay online on desktop or mobile


Pick Cashby in the list of payment methods🔶

Enter your phone number☎️

Review and confirm the payment in Cashby app on your phone🤳


Pay in stores with your phone

Be sure Cashby is a default app for phone payments🔶 and look for a symbol

Unlock your phone🔓

Hold the phone near the terminal📟


Split the bill with your friends

Be sure your friends have Cashby on their phones🔶

Create a bill in the app🧾

Pick their contacts🙋‍♂️


Pay to your contacts in real time

Be sure your friends have Cashby on their phones🔶

Pick a contact👩

Set amount💯


Pay using popular messengers

Open Telegram, WhatsApp or other messenger that supports Cashby🤖

In a conversation, click add and pick Cashby🔶

Set amount💯



Top features you will enjoy


Auto top-up💳

Attach one or more debit/credit cards to your account and never be worried if there are enough funds on your Cashby.



Earn up to 3% cashback on every transaction. The more you will spend with Cashby, the higher the level of your cashback will be.



Subscription services and recurring payments are a part of our everyday live and Cashby will fully support them.



Transparency is our key value. We will not charge any hidden fees and will use 36 hours guaranteed real exchange rates.

Freedom has to be protected


We started Cashby with the mission to make payments truly safe, and it remains our priority today☝️

We will protect your personal details in accordance with the highest standards and will never share with third parties🚫

Your details will never be stored or logged by us, and will be accessible only by you or your bank🏦


Every transaction, wherever you will make it, will be secured by one-way encryption and will have to be confirmed by you, using fingerprint or face identification🔐

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Cashby app will soon be available on📲

‼️Our app is in development now and all the examples provided above are for illustrative purposes only‼️